Consultants use IMX Profile Assessments to…

  • Win contracts using assessments to achieve expert status with prospects by diagnosing the source of their problem FIRST.

  • Gain rapport by learning key insights about your prospects driving values and unique communication style.

  • Consult decision makers by uncovering blind-spots that prevent C-Suite leaders from maximizing their empathy and influencing skills.

  • Evaluate teams that aren’t creating results. Assessing each member’s strengths allow you to suggest horizontal job restructuring for maximum cooperation and flow.

  • Find key players that create the greatest value to a company’s effectiveness and bottom line profits.

  • Build a consistent revenue stream by teaching clients how to use the assessments that you provide each and every month.

  • Control overhead by utilizing our unlimited subscription model.

  • Position yourself with the decision makers in the C-Suite.

  • Provides instant credibility.

  • Serve don’t sell.