HR Professionals

How do you know if:

  • Inside Sales can transition to Outside Sales?
  • Your Best Sales Person can make the leap to Sales Manager?
  • Warehouse Manager will make it as an Operations Manager?
  • How to Promote?
  • Who to promote?
  • Each employee is engaged by their work?

How businesses utilize our tools


  • Utilizing the assessments on all applicants as a first step or assignment in the hiring process to weed out those applying to meet unemployment requirements of using auto responders to apply
  • Save time spent by managers within the hiring process
  • Speed up the hiring process
  • Determining the right fit among candidates
  • Customizing your organization’s benchmarks for each position based on top-performer data
  • Assessing for all positions and all applicants to remain EEOC compliant now that unlimited assessments are available


  • Assessing all employees to create a base line for future growth expectations
  • Assessing all employees to determine gaps in skills require for job function
  • Using assessment results to assist in the personalization of training and development programs
  • Using assessment results to aid in conflict resolution and communications issues
  • Using results to aid in performance reviews
  • Using results to assist in creating personal, individualized development plans
  • Utilizing data in succession planning
  • Utilizing data in identifying emerging leaders
  • Career Planning
  • Transition planning from leader to individual contributor and vice versa


  • Assessing prospects/clients and using results to aid in communications and the sales process.