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Combining the How and Why of an Individual

The DISC Plus Profile combines the best of two world class profiles. The DISC Index measures an individual’s preferred Behavioral style and the Values Index measures their motivational style and drivers.

  • DISC measures natural & adapted behavioral style
  • Values measures motivational styles and drivers
  • DISC+ has been proven to deliver organization wide increases in performance in the areas of Recruitment, Retention & Personal development
  • Personal benefits include increased Self-Awareness & greater Authenticity of a person’s talents Designed with business users in mind, the DISC Index will help your business to understand HOW your employees prefer to get things done, and the Values Index will give you insight into WHY they were motivated to do them.

The DISC and Values Index profile is unique in that it:

  • has the highest validity and reliability scores on the market today
  • was the first values instrument to measure seven different dimensions of behavior
  • uses a one-of-a-kind click and drag interface for significantly greater accuracy and ease-of-use
  • contains the most current instrument items for increased accuracy and reliability.